Acid Reflux Natural Cures: Eight Easy Tips


Acid reflux is also known as GERD. It is body’s one of the common problems. The symptoms of acidity are heartburn, throat burn, vomiting tendency, stomach ache and loss of appetite. If you do not cure acid reflux in time it will get chronic and it may lead to ulcers, chronic hoarseness of voice, dental problem, obesity and many more things.

acid reflux

For this reason you have to cure acid reflux as early as possible. There are few effective natural cures of acid reflux. This article will give you few tips in this matter.

Best Natural Cure For Acid Reflux

Plain Water

The first thing to avoid acid reflux is do not make a long gap in between meals. Your stomach produces acids continuously and when it does not get any food to digest, it creates acidity problem.

For this reason eat in time and drink lots of water in between meals. Water helps to dilute acid and it flushes out acids from your body through urine.


Cumin Water

Cumin water is excellent for acid reflux. Soak teaspoon cumin in a glass of water for overnight. Next morning strain the water and drink it. Drink such cumin water 2-3 glasses every day. It will help to overcome acidy naturally and quickly.

cumin water

Puffed Rice

Eat puffed rice when you feel acidity or when you have not eaten any solid food for a long time. It happens maximum time that when you are hungry you starts to eat foods in a great amount to get rid of it. Most of the time, they are oily and spicy foods because they are good to eat.

Within few minutes acidity starts and you suffer. So it is better take some plain puffed rice, chew it and swallow before taking any food after a long gap. Puffed rice soaks the acid which have been accumulated so far in your stomach.

puffed rice

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is excellent for acid reflux. Grate one cucumber and extract the juice. Drink 2-3 tablespoons cucumber juice each time and take it 2-3 times daily. Regular intake of cucumber juice helps to cure acid reflux very effectively.


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Gourd Juice

Gourd juice is excellent for acid reflux. Grate one gourd and extract the juice. Drink ½ cup gourd juice twice daily to get rid of acidity.



Chew some fennel after every meal. Then drink a little amount of water. It will save you from acid reflux. Do not drink a huge amount of water immediately after taking food. It increases the problem.


Warm Water And Rock Salt

Take a glass of warm water and sprinkle a pinch of rock salt in the water. Mix well and sip it slowly. It will give you a quick relief from acidity.

water & salt

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is very effective to cure acidity. Chop ginger very finely. Add it in a cup of water. Boil the water and add small amount of leaf tea in the hot water. Keep the lid on for five minutes. Then strain the water and drink it hot. Do not add milk or sugar in the tea because it increases the acidity problem. Follow these tips on natural cure of acidity and stay away from junk foods to get rid of acid reflux.

ginger tea