Acid Reflux Treatment with Herbal Remedies

There are times when sleeping at night becomes a mere impossibility due to a feeling and sensation of burning in the chest or throat. In that situation, the concerned individual can be facing acid reflux.
It is a painful condition of the body which occurs when the tube that an individual use to intake food from the throat is not enough strong to handle the acid produced and stored by it.

Heart burn or acid reflux is a common problem and has been found to occur among most individuals all over the globe. However, this condition can be treated and cured by a number of dietary changes that can be considered as herbal remedies for this ailment.

Herbal tea: Herbal tea is known for its natural herbal remedies for acid reflux. It is useful by lowering the content of acid in the stomach. Herbal tea can be prepared by mixing a teaspoon of aniseed, peppermint and lavender in a cup and then by pouring two and half cups of boiling water in it.

The tea has to be steeped for five minutes before straining it and a teaspoon of honey has to be added to it. Drink this herbal tea twice daily, once in the morning and again in the evening.

Pineapple enzymes: Fresh pineapple is rich in enzyme, particularly Bromelian enzyme. This enzyme is particularly helpful in improving digestion,  alleviating inflammation as well as speeding up the process of healing. Simple consumption of pineapples helps to reduce inflammation as well as promote healing of acid reflux damage.

Ginger root: This is an amazing herb that is known to absorb the acid of the stomach as well as have a calming effect on the nerves. Ginger root is a time tested therapy and has been known for years for its various manifolds beneficial in healing acid reflux.

Fennel seeds:
This is an aromatic as well as powerful herb that helps in digestive conditions. Besides this, it has many other benefits. Anethole is a compound that is present in fennel seeds that not only help to suppress the spasms of the stomach, but it is also considered as a useful remedy for acid reflux.

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