Acidity : Causes And Natural Cure

Acidity is a Acidity. Nowadays most of the people suffer from acidity. Even children are not out of risk. Our stomach produces acid. It is a natural and regular process because acid is necessary to digest all types of food. But the problem starts when the stomach produce a large number of acid.

This problem of body is commonly called as acidity. Overeating and eating hurriedly are also the cause of acidity. The symptoms of acidity vary from one person to another. Few people feel a burning sensation just above the stomach, or right below the breastbone. Few may have sour taste in mouth, few suffer from a vomiting tendency, few have headache, few have heartburn, and many more things.

Causes of acidity can be many. The most common cause is ill digestion of food. It is really difficult to digest fatty and spicy food. These foods make stomach to produce more acid to digest the food. If this happen again and again your stomach grows a natural tendency to grow more and more acid and the problem of acidity become chronic. But a little change in your daily diet can give you a great relief from this disorder. Stay away from too much spicy and oily food that is difficult to digest.

Refined and fibreless foods are not easy to digest and they create acidity in the body. For this reason stay away from refined flour, excessive meat, etc. avoid fried, fatty junk foods and excessive chocolate. Eat mainly carbohydrate like rice because rice is easy to digest. Boiled potato is easy to digest and create no pressure in your stomach. Do not overeat and when ever you eat, chew your food properly so that stomach can digest it easily.

Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins from the body. Eat fibrous food and vegetables to keep your bowel clear. Stay away from rich and creamy milk and most of the dairy products. One dairy product that is good for digestion is homemade sour yogurt. Suck a piece of clove to get relief.  You can take a tablespoon of mint juice daily to cure the problem of acidity.

Take light food and small quantity food each time. Eat at least two hours before you go to bed. Take adequate sleep and stay away from stress and strain to cure acidity.