Acupressure-A Natural Way To Cure Diseases

Acupressure has become increasingly popular in recent times. It is a traditional Chinese medicine. It is being used as a natural treatment for various diseases, from many centuries. This therapy involves pressuring at specific points allowing the flow of natural energy, called chi, in and around the body. Acupressure is a free treatment which is quick and effective in providing relief from many disorders.

According to the basic principles of this therapy, human body has many specific points that connect to the glands of the body. These specific points are called meridians or acupoints. When a specific acupoint is pressed, it opens the channel for flow of positive and healing energy. It is based on the theory that there is an invisible force or energy called qi in Chinese which has healing power. This energy flows in and around the body through network of acupoints. Pressuring acupoints ensure normal qi circulation.

It is an effective treatment for diseases due to today’s unhealthy life styles and habits. The best part of this treatment is that a patient can perform it without any outside help. Like other medicinal therapies, this treatment is only effective, if done on regular basis. When a particular ailment is diagnosed by acupressure, the therapist provides some acupoints to the patient.

These points should be pressed hard for maximum benefits. Pressure is provided through corners of thumb pads assisted by other fingers. Treatment of each pressure point should last from 10-30 seconds. If the problem is acute, massage these points twice or thrice a day, till the symptoms subside. If suffering from chronic problem, treatment can be repeated many times a day.

It provides relief from problems due to stress and tiredness. It creates a sense of well-being in the patient. It heals the body injuries, increases blood circulation and reduces back pain. It also cures diseases like diabetes, epilepsy, bronchitis, heart problems, digestive problems and many allergies. It can help in inducing pain-free labor during pregnancy. But precautions must be taken before stimulating any point. Acupressure should be avoided after heavy exercise, meals and bathing. People who are taking any prescribed drug, it becomes necessary to consult doctor before beginning this treatment.