Advantages of Laser Acne Treatment


Advantages of Laser Acne Treatment Laser treatment for acne is a simple process that is used to remove the scarring and acne using laser light. The procedure takes only a short duration to complete and is the most effective method to get rid of the problems related to acne.

People with extensive scarring and severe acne that are spread throughout the body can go for this treatment. You need to consult a dermatologist to know if the treatment is suitable for you.

Firstly, the affected part is cleaned and then with the help of anesthetic medicine the area is numbed, so that the person does not feel the pain during the treatment. Once this procedure is completed, the laser light is used to remove the acne causing glands. The entire process takes less than thirty minutes.

However, the results are not seen just with one session. It will fully work only when it is continued for a series of sittings. Earlier, doctors prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotics or performed Microdermabrasion or chemical peels. However, now laser treatment for acne is the most preferred option due to its various benefits.

Benefits Of Laser Treatment For Acne

Reduces Oil Production

The oil glands are targeted by using photodynamic therapy, pulsed dye laser and red and blue light, which reduces acne.

photodynamic therapy

Research shows that light technology and laser techniques are quite effective and it is usually used by the experts as a second-line treatment or to complement other acne therapies.

Skin Regeneration

The appearance of skin improves a lot with the help of lasers as they promote skin growth. The underlying skin layer is heated in laser resurfacing. A new healthy skin is formed as the wound completely heals. Although several sittings are required, the recovery time after the treatment is quite short.

Decrease Scarring

It is often difficult to treat or hide acne scars. However, lasers are found to be quite effective for milder scarring as they help to improve and decrease the appearance of scars. The scars can be reduced by using a fractional laser resurfacing.

Decrease Scarring

In this procedure, the damaged skin is targeted in microscopic columns and the minute column present in the skin with scarring is thermally damaged. The healthy skin around it is left alone and this helps the skin to look more consistent. The increased production of collagen will reduce the scars due to acne.

Reduce Bacterial Inflammation

The light and laser therapies can be used in combination to reach the innermost skin layer, while leaving the outermost layer unharmed. These therapies target the acne causing bacteria and helps in decreasing inflammation, which improves the texture of the skin.


The redness on the face can be effectively treated with the help of intense-pulled light and pulsed dye laser.Although redness is usually associated with rosacea, it is sometimes seen with acne too. Probably multiple treatments may be required, but these therapies are quite successful with lasting results.

Broken Blood Vessels

Lasers are quite successful in treating broken blood vessels. However, the patient might have to undergo multiple sessions for long-term results.

Even after the acne laser treatment, your skin needs good care. It is important to maintain hygiene and keep your skin free from grime and dirt.