All About Causes and Treatment of Low Sexual Drive in Men

It is a well-known fact that women have lesser sex drive than men do. However, there are certain times when a man has a lesser sexual drive than his partner does and puts off sex saying, ”Not tonight.” There could be a number of causes for the low sexual drive, but there are treatments to remedy the situation also.

We have a wide variety of men each experiencing different level of sexual drive. Generally men experience lower sexual drive as one age. However we have those group of men who have robust sexual drives to the extent of sex being an addiction. Those that experience lower sexual drive suffer from what is called hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD.

Many men find the main cause for their low sexual drive in psychological reasons. These reasons could be that one is under excess stress and anxiety. Sex helps one to relax but some men may not realize it or find it difficult to have sex when they are under excess stress. Problems in a husband and wife relationship or family problems may aggravate the situation. In addition extreme depression or mental disorders may also be conditions contributing to low sexual drive in men.

If psychology is playing a great role in low sexual drive in men the family and partner in particular can play a vital role in relaxing the person by helping solve family problems. Besides attempts can be made to improve marital relationships by sexual counseling and therapy. Sexual therapy as a treatment helps to teach the men various techniques by which they can start enjoying sex again.

Besides diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, HIV drugs, hair loss remedies and some other medications could cause a low sexual drive in men. One could expect improvement in ones sexual drive once these diseases are treated or the medications are stopped.

Low level of testosterone hormone could be the main cause of low sexual drive in men. These levels could drop due to chronic diseases, medication and use of certain drugs. Besides changes in other hormones like low level of thyroid hormone or high level of prolactin hormone produced at the base of the brain could hamper one having a good sexual desire.

The treatment for low level of testosterone hormone lies in weekly shots of this hormone. In addition skin patches and gels are available, which can be applied to the chest, shoulders and abdomen to improve the low sexual desire in men.

The lack of dopamine the brain’s chemical messaging system leads to low sexual desire in men. Parkinson disease patients suffer from this defect and their sexual desire can be improved by treating them with dopamine stimulating drugs.

To conclude, there are various methods to treat the cause of low sexual desire in men. It is purely in the hands of men to make use of these methods to ensure a healthy and fulfilling sexual life for them and their life partners.