All About Diet During Menopause

Menopause is a critical time in a woman’s life when she undergoes physical, emotional and mental changes. Besides making  other changes like trying to lead an active and stress free life, it is also vital that one makes changes in ones diet too to be healthy and strong.

Taking a lot of fruits and vegetables could help one to lead a healthy life. Taking of fresh and juicy fruits and green leafy vegetables helps a woman to not only feel light but also gives her a feeling of well being. Increasing ones intake of vegetables like spinach, cabbage and tomatoes would really help. Besides including lentils and beans in ones diet is very good for woman during menopause. An all fruit diet at times for a few days helps to rid the body of toxins by promoting better bowel movements.

Besides having whole grain cereals along with fruits and vegetables helps a woman to have a balanced diet. It is however best to avoid white flour products and avoid or lessen the consumption of refined sugar products. This would help a woman to have more natural products and avoid old-age diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Besides it is good to avoid tea and coffee and products that have a high content of caffeine in them. If one cannot fully avoid them it is best to reduce their consumption.  Avoiding or cutting down on consumption of carbonated drinks is good to avoid consumption of excess of sugar. It is instead better to drink a lot of water. Drinking warm water helps to reduce the urge for caffeine drinks. If this is difficult one can drink fruit juices.

In addition it is good to realize that menopause is the starting of old age with the old age problems. It is best to take milk and milk based products to get calcium to build up strong and healthy bones. Exposing oneself to sunlight early in the morning helps one during menopause to get Vitamin D, which helps in better absorption of calcium. Fortified cereals and fortified milk are good sources of Vitamin D. In addition fish such as salmon and tuna, fish liver oil, beef  liver, cheese and egg yolks also have rich sources of Vitamin D.

Avoiding of fried foods helps a woman during menopause to cut on fats one consumes. It is best to substitute fried foods by baked or boiled foods. It is also best to consume brown rice rather than white rice. Brown rice has brawn that helps provide fiber to the body. In addition it is best to consume whole wheat bread in place of white bread.

Nature has its own way of healing menopause and its symptoms. It is best to have astringent foods like dark leafy vegetables, soybeans, poultry products, cabbage and potatoes. These products help to alleviate menopausal symptoms. It is also prudent to avoid pungent and sour foods like pickles, spicy foods, onion, garlic and citrus foods.

To sum up, this diet will help menopause woman to be healthy physically, emotionally and mentally.

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