All About Drinking Fluids with Meals

Many of us are of the opinion that drinking fluids or water with meals is harmful and causes dilution of the digestive juices. However this is not true. Consuming some amount of fluids is found to be good for health.

Consuming some water in between meals is good. Water helps to wash down your food and helps the tongue to enjoy better the texture of food. However it is to be understood that taking water in moderation up to two or three glasses of water is fine. Drinking water in between meals helps to reduce the quantity of food we eat and is found to be very effective in people who want to lose weight.

Water should be taken often and consumption of two to two and half liters of water a day helps to protect one from dehydration and helps in better performance of body functions.

Those who want to lose or maintain their weight would benefit by taking some hot liquid before a meal. It has been found that hot liquids have a better tendency to satisfy hunger than cold ones. So taking soups before taking a meal could really help. Besides drinking hot tea, coffee or chocolate before a meal could help to lose weight.

Sodas, colas and milkshake with meals are not good when you wish to lose weight. These do not satiate hunger and only add to eating more food and adding to the calories. Yes, it is better to take clear soups or plain water instead. Soda, cola and milk shakes only add to extra empty calories.  The caffeine present in colas is highly addictive. They may add to reduced absorption of calcium and iron in ones body.

Yes, water is very necessary to help one to lose weight. Besides it helps to hydrate ones body as well as to eliminate the phlegm from cough. Water is essential both with meals and otherwise to help to hydrate the body and brain remove that flaky feeling during fever. In addition, it improves the roughage of food and eliminates constipation. Water helps to reduce the glycogen ones muscles use to gain energy. Yes, taking fluids on the whole helps to dissolve salt crystals that develop into kidney stones.

To conclude, drinking some amount of fluids with meals do help, but one should make sure one does it in moderation. Water as a fluid is ideal and should be consumed in good quantity at all times for good health.

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