All About Exercise in Winter and in Summer

There is a doubt in the minds of many people whether a person can burn more calories exercising in the outdoors in summer or can a person burn more calories working in the indoor in winter. However it is the physical activity or the exercise that has got to do with burn of calories and loss of weight and not the whether alone. There was no connection between expenditure of energy and burn in calories and the weather conditions.

It is best to exercise indoors in summer, as working out outdoor causes loss of excess water and one may feel fatigued. It is best to work out in a cool room with the fan or air conditioner switched on. Excess sweating caused by working out makes one tired easily and more prone to heat related disorders. It is best to divide one’s exercise schedule into parts. One can easily work out for 20 minutes three times a day than work out for a stretch of one hour. It is also very important to keep oneself well hydrated before an exercise schedule in summer. This can be done by drinking a lot of water, fruit juices, and coconut water.

While doing exercise in winter it may take longer to warm up due to the extreme climatic conditions. This is due to the fact that one feels too cold to stretch up and start exercising. But this does not effect the amount of calories burned. One may have to wear a few layers of clothing at first and then start off the warm up session.

However later the layers can be removed one by one once the muscles warm up. One may require almost the same amount of  exercise to burn calories, but the exercise schedule need not be divided and one can exercise even for an hour at a stretch.

However it is best to take care that one covers oneself with all that one removed once one has finished exercising. This would help to protect oneself from cold chills caused due to evaporation and sweat. It is necessary even in winter to keep oneself well hydrated to improve blood supply and supply of oxygen to the muscles.