All About Foods And Exercise

Most of the people want to be fit but not everyone knows about what food items they should take when to remain fit. Anyone wishing to remain fit by looking thinner, or wants to gain muscle mass or wishes to become healthy and fit have to know about different food items.

It is wrong for anyone to think that exercise should be done first thing in the morning before eating anything to really burn a lot of calories. All of us burn about 4/5th of our glycogen; the main energy source stored in our liver and muscles for energy when we sleep at night. To become fit for a workout one needs to have some food.

It is best to know about food items that would help at that time of the day. Start off the day with small meals which are rich in nutrients. Oatmeal, banana with almond or peanut butter would be just great to feel and remain fit for a great part of the day. You could work out and then have a good breakfast with milk, eggs and cereals. You have sufficient time to digest them before the end of the day.

Anyone wanting to remain fit should also know all about food he should have for lunch. Having a good  heavy lunch is good, but it is not for those who want to remain active and are constantly  on the move.

Everyone should know all about food and how much time one takes to burn food of different types. Any fats takes four to six hours to digests, protein get digested in three hours and it takes two hours to digest carbohydrates. If anyone has to take fiber it is best to take it after an exercise regimen because they cause bloating and irritation in your stomach.

If anyone has no time for proper food and is racing to the gym to exercise, he can be fit and remain so by taking some food like rice or almond milk and put in some fresh or frozen fruit bits. he could add food like powdered protein, a banana and for variety and nutrients some greens and flaxseeds. Never go in for that food item potato chips or French fries instead going in for sugar free energy bars would help.

If anyone has worked out and has relaxed for an hour it is the best time to reach out for some protein-rich food to recover and refuel those tired muscles.

These all about food and exercise tips are very necessary for anyone who wish to eat the right food at the right time.