All About Hypothyroidism and A Life of Fitness

Hypothyroidism, another of those thyroid problems is caused by the underproduction of the thyroid gland. This disorder causes overweight, reduced metabolic rate, low pulse rate, sleepiness, lethargy and a dry skin. The treatment here lies in activating the thyroid gland by use of diet, medication and exercise. This would help one to lead a life of fitness.

The person affected by hypothyroidism should take a low fat diet. A drastic dieting schedule would not help, but would make the body perceive it as starvation and increase craving for foods. So it is best to be gradual in ones approach and aim at taking small meals of fruits, fresh green salads, sprouts, soups and low calorie snack at regular intervals. This would definately help to promote fitness in ones life.

Yes, it is right to be physically active and exercise to help boost the body’s metabolism and lead a life of fitness. Some small changes in ones lifestyle like using the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to places nearby than driving,  parking your car a few blocks away from work and walking the distance to and from office. In addition keeping the mind and body active can avoid lethargy creeping into ones life.

Strength training or doing exercises to increase your muscle mass helps to burn calories faster. Muscles lead to faster metabolism, as more muscles will require more oxygen and calories to maintain them. Some exercises that could really help to increase metabolism are using dumb bells or machines to exercise, push-ups, and sit-ups. These exercises can be done about 5 days in a week. This would help one to have fitness in life with reduction of body weight.

In addition cardiovascular exercises like walking, running,  swimming and cycling done for about half of an hour daily can help increase metabolic rate by 25%. In addition these exercises will help promote burning of calories, reducing fat and helping to lead a life of fitness.

To conclude, one can lead a life of fitness with hypothyroidism if one follows a regularized system of exercise, diet and medication.