All About Sore Breasts In Pregnancy

All About Sore Breasts In Pregnancy

All About Sore Breasts In Pregnancy OK! The much awaited pregnancy has become a reality, but what to do with the hurting breasts? They have become so sore that the clothes brushing against them send the pain waves shooting. You may feel as if someone has beaten and hit the chest area.

Most women are lucky enough not to feel that much of the discomfort as some others may have to. Some may feel a tingling sensation of the nipples. This is the price that may have to be paid to attain motherhood.

Breasts Soreness During Pregnancy


When the breasts start hurting with just a bit of pressure it is known to be soreness of breasts. This can be excruciating in some women, whereas some others may not feel anything at all. The nipples also may start hurting a lot. As the breasts become bigger, they also cause a feeling of tenderness and heaviness.


You may be aware about the presence of female hormones like estrogen and progesterone. When the pregnancy happens, body produces more of these hormones. It seems the surging hormones are responsible for the soreness of the breasts.

Breast Tenderness

You may have noticed that a few days before your periods your breasts become tender. Increased hormones are the reason behind this, in the same manner pregnancy also brings its share of soreness of the breasts.


Your breasts are likely to remain sore till the first trimester gets over. Thereafter, you will notice a marked decline in the soreness. In the initial weeks the sudden rush of the hormones makes them feel tender and they grow rapidly. An interesting fact about the tenderness of breasts is that it is a sign of your pregnancy. If you start feeling tender breasts after a fortnight of having had menstruation, take it as a sign of pregnancy. This is the earliest sign that may help you know that you are pregnant.

Easing The Sore Breasts

Know well that this painful condition is going to subside considerably once you enter your second trimester. A supportive bra provides relief from tenderness. When you do your exercises wear a well fitting bra so that your enlarged breasts can be given adequate support. A cotton sleep bra is available for the would-be mothers which let you enjoy your sleep.

Muscle Pain Cream

After a few days or weeks your breasts may expand, this will be the time for you to go for the next bigger size of bra. If you do not wear the correct sized bra, you are likely to suffer. Some women even experience the tenderness of nipples. They can find relief by applying some balm or muscle pain cream. To reduce the tenderness you can even put heating pads or give hot water fomentation.

Some mothers feel relief from tenderness of the breasts by getting under a warm shower. But see for yourself whether you like the shower or not. If you do not feel comfortable, then you should avoid it as a therapy, it is not meant for you. Communicate this pain of the breasts to your partner as well. Tell which part of the breast is more painful and teach him how he can touch you.