All About the Amount of Water One Should Drink

The common health advice given by most doctors when you go to them for treatment of any ailment is that they ask you to drink a lot of water. One is told to drink more water when one is stressed, when one is tired always, or when is fagged out after an exercise regimen. So it is good to know all about the amount and when a person should drink water to feel real good.

The first thing is to know all about how much water one should drink in a day. One should at least drink about eight to ten glasses of water in a day. This is very necessary to keep the body well hydrated. It is also necessary that those who perspire a lot lose more body fluids and should drink more water. It is also necessary to drink more water in summer than in winter.

A very important aspect is to be noted about consumption of water while exercising. It is very essential that one drinks water before and after doing exercise. It is also good to take small sips of water in between. It is very essential as one loses a big amount of fluids and water while exercising. So one should start exercising being well hydrated and take water or fluids thereafter to replenish the lost water content in the body.

Drinking of water regularly not only helps one to feel good and energetic but also makes one feel good about himself as he is energized. So one should make it a point to have a bottle of water handy so as to drink it when one feels dehydrated or tired. Tap water may be good enough, but may not be always advisable. This is because the water at times may be contaminated with pollutants. Drinking other fluids like low calorie drinks can also help if one is not able to drink pure water. However it is best to avoid drinking carbonated or drinks with caffeine because they only sap up one’s energy.

However one should not drink excessive amounts of water too as one may feel sick with hypernutremia, which actually causes excess of water in your system. Similarly one should not go too long without compensating for the electrolyte lost from the body. So one should always choose to drink a sport drink or take a multigrain breakfast cereal with skimmed milk after a long work out.

So dear folks just get up set go to consume enough water to prevent oneself from dehydration and feel good and fit.