Allergies: Causes And Treatment

Allergy is the condition in which people get sensitive to their surroundings and behave abnormally. Their abnormal reaction to specific conditions or specific things is because they are allergic to those conditions or things. Clinically this abnormal behavior or sensitivity is called allergy.

Allergy may occur as a reaction to the pollens or allergens in our surrounding. Sometime it is because the allergen is inhaled swallowed, direct contact of skin or some other mode. Literally allergy can affect any part of our body and allergic people can be allergic to any condition or substance.

There are a number of allergens in environment. These include house dust, mites, pollens, animal foods, mold spores, insect bites or stings, latex rubber, plants, insect spores, bacteria or and certain weather conditions like extreme cold or rain.

There are various home remedies which are very helpful in case of allergy. Castor oil is very helpful in reducing symptoms of allergy. Take few drops of the oil, mix it with water, take the water empty stomach while getting up in the morning. Your allergic behavior will change slowly. You can use fruit juice or vegetable juice in place of water.

The basic reason for allergy is wrong detection of a particular substance or a particular condition by the immune system. It may treat these substances as harmful substance though they are actually not harmful. These allergies can be acute or chronic. Various symptoms of the allergies include dizziness, headaches, irritability, migraine, eczema, runny nose, nervousness, hay fever, vomiting, asthma, diarrhea.

Allergic characteristic can be inherited from parents to their children. Eating fast food and processed food are not good for allergic people and therefore you are advised to avoid these.

Taking lime juice mixed with honey is very helpful in avoiding almost every type of allergy. Take teaspoonful of honey, mix it with lime juice and take the mixture twice a day. Consumption of fruits which empower our immune system is also good for allergies.

Stronger immune system is always at low risk of allergies. You are advised to take proper precautions for minimizing allergic conditions. In case the symptoms are severe, you should consult a doctor immediately.