Allergy Treatments with Essential Oils

Essential oils are effective remedies in the case of most ailments. These oils are preferred to other treatments as they do not cause any side effects. In the case of allergies most people trust topical treatments. However; these treatments seize to be effective as the skin gets prone to the medication and it does not react to it.

Topical treatments can also have adverse effects on your skin and hence they must be avoided. In our quest for the best treatments to fight allergies we stumbled upon essential oils. Research conducted shows that these oils are not only effective remedies but they also they have zero side effects and hence we choose this as the best remedy against allergies.

There are several factors that cause allergies. Stress, certain foods, medication, lack of sleep and pollen are some of the most common factors. In addition to these asbestos, paints, fumes of pesticides and cleaning products like soaps and shampoos can also cause allergic reactions. In order to prevent or cure any allergies one must use aromatherapy.

There are several essential oils that will help you to overcome your allergies. The oils must be used according to the factor that causes the allergic reaction.

For hives that have natural causes one can use peppermint, patchouli, lavender and valerian. In some cases the allergies erupt due to a weak liver.

In order to cure these allergies one must use the essential oils over the liver in order to cleanse it and eliminate all toxins from the body. In this case you can use oregano, chamomile, fennel, rosemary and geranium essential oils. For stress related hives one can use lavender oil or lemon oil.

How to administer the use of essential oils?

In order to cure the hives one needs to use the oils directly on the skin. These oils can be blended with carrier oils like almond oil, jojoba oil or olive oil and massaged directly onto the affected area. In this way you will be able to get rid of the hives and allergies. You could also add these oils to warm water and soak your feet or body in the water.