Alternative Approaches to Treating Stretch Marks

The red and silver streaks that appear on your skin as a result of rapid weight loss are known as stretch marks. Almost every woman who has given birth has had her share of these ugly marks and getting rid of them post pregnancy seems to be one of the priorities in her list.

If you are in the early stages of getting rid of the marks and they are still bright red then you may be in luck as getting rid of them may be an easy task. Simply massage wheat germ oil into the affected area and let it seep into your skin. The oil works as a magic portion to get rid of the marks and improve the condition of your skin.

Any formula with vitamin C will help. Look for creams, lotions and gels that are vitamin C based. These will help to get rid of the scars on your skin and get your skin back to its shiny healthy texture.

Many dermatologists are using laser treatment in the removal of stretch marks. This is an effective yet expensive treatment. One must weight the benefits and the cons of indulging in the treatment before they go ahead.

You need to indulge in activities and diets that help to improve the elasticity of your skin. For this reason you must drink plenty of water. Drinking adequate amount of water helps to improve the texture of your skin by washing out all the toxins and improving the overall texture. Water also helps to improve the elasticity of your skin.

Cocoa butter is known to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of stretch marks. In most cases it helps when it is applied on the skin twice a day and gently massaged into the skin. Rubbing the area with apricot scrub helps to ease the dead skin cells and prepare the skin for new cells.

A few changes in your diet can works wonders to get rid of the marks on your skin. Including a lot of dairy, liver and green leafy vegetables in your diet can prove to be very healthy and improves the texture of the skin while reducing the effect of the stretch marks on your skin.

A blend of lavender and chamomile oil with almond oil is very effective if massaged onto the skin once a day. You will see changes in the skin within a few days; however for the marks to completely disappear could take time.

Aloe Vera gel will lighten the marks on your skin and with prolonged use you will notice the marks fade away.