Alternative Methods to Treat Infertility

If a couple has difficulty in conceiving then they must try alternative treatments before they consult a doctor. There are several treatments that are available and they are all extremely effective. Clubbing medication with alternative therapies helps to increase the possibility of conception.

The first method that one must try in order to conceive is acupressure. This is a therapy that involves applying pressure to certain pressure points in order to stimulate activity and increase the flow of blood. For women who are unable to conceive they need to apply pressure with their finger tips just below the navel. This increases the blood flow and allows the life energy to flow thereby increasing the possibility of conception.

With regards to diet women must eat warm food to prepare the uterus and create a warm environment. They must also follow a diet that is rich in protein. Fish, eggs and milk are great food options. Men on the other hand need to eat cold food as hot food decreases the sperm count. They must eat plenty of fruits. Women must also cut down on their caffeine intake while they must avoid alcohol completely. They must also increase the amount of iron they consume. An iron supplement must be taken daily before meals to increase the chances of conception.

Although Vitamin C is normally praised for its health benefits; in the case of women consuming the vitamin in huge doses it may lead to infertility. Men on the other hand must increase their intake of vitamin C as it increases the sperm count drastically. Zinc also helps men to increase their sperm count.

Women must also get plenty of folic acid supplements in order to be able to conceive. Follow these diet rules and indulge in plenty of exercise and physical activity. This helps to increase blood circulation and stimulation in the body and increases the chances of conception drastically. Couples must try alternative medications and follow healthy diet patterns for 3 to 6 months; however if they are not able to conceive then they must consult a doctor for medical help.