Alternative Remedies to Ease Discomfort During Pregnancy

For centuries women have depended on herbs to help them to improve their health during their pregnancy and to reduce the risk of a miscarriage. There are several herbs that are helpful and yet others can be harmful and thus one must not consume herbs without proper knowledge. During the term of your pregnancy; the herbs that you consume must be rich in vitamin A,B,C & E. These vitamins are required for your health as well as the health of the baby. A healthy dose of these vitamins can be found in raspberry leaves. It is also high in minerals and these leaves act as a tonic for the uterine system. Many herbalists believe that these leaves ease the discomfort of morning sickness, ease labor and prevent miscarriages.

Nettles are also recommended as they are high in vitamins and minerals and they ease the stress of leg cramps in the third trimester and diminish labor pains while reducing the hemorrhoids. This herb has traces of all the required dietary supplements that one needs to have a healthy pregnancy.

During your third trimester you must drink tea with a blend of sage and raspberry leaves as it strengthens the uterus and ensures that you carry the baby to full term. In order to shorten labor and induce labor pains most herbalists recommend the use of black or blue cohosh roots.

In order to reduce morning sickness that you experience in the first trimester you must use herbs like ginger, wild yam roots, peppermint and fennel leaves. In order to reduce heartburn during the entire term you must make a tea of fennel seeds. Drinking this tea twice a day will ease the discomfort of the heartburn. Other foods that will help include almonds, yogurt and fresh fruit juice and cranberries.

Research states that 70 to 80 % women suffer from mood swings during their pregnancy due to the hormonal changes in the body. If you are one of these women then you must use motherwort or skullcap in the tincture form in your tea to keep your emotions in check.

For those that suffer from high blood pressure they must take extra care during their pregnancy. You must cook food with garlic as the herb helps to regulate your blood pressure. You must avoid eating food that is too spicy as it may cause discomfort, however if you are craving it then eating it in small proportions will not cause too much discomfort.