Alternative Remedy for Stress

Aromatherapy is gaining popularity as a treatment for anxiety. This alternative treatment uses essential oils in various ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Oils from herbs and plants are extracted and used for their healing properties. These oils soothe the nerves and relieve tension and stress.

There are two things that you need to consider before you use aromatherapy to treat anxiety. You need to choose the oil as well as the method that you will use to administer the treatment. You can use essential oils in electric or candle based diffusers. The oils can also be used in warm baths, massages or in foot soaks. Aromatherapy candles are very popular; you will find a huge collection of these scented candles in health care stores and lifestyle stores.

Lavender essential oil soothes stressed nerves and relieves tension and anxiety naturally. Lavender has maximum impact when used in massages. A head massage or a body massage with lavender oil will help to reduce stress and anxiety. Blend the essential oil with almond oil or olive oil. Do not use huge amounts of lavender oil when you attempt to control anxiety as it tends to have a sedative effect on your senses.

Bergamot oil is also very effective in reducing stress levels. This oil can be used to treat severe anxiety and depression that stems from the anxiety.

Pour chamomile oil in your bath water and immerse your body in the water and soak in it for a few minutes. The oil will soothe your senses and lower your anxiety levels within a few minutes.

A back massage with Melissa oil will help to take care of anxiety, stress and depression. Blend the essential oil with sesame seed oil before you use it to massage your back.

Sandalwood has a calming effect on the body and mind. Diffuse sandalwood in your room or workspace to control your anxiety and stress. You can use sandalwood incense sticks to calm anxious nerves. Sandalwood also helps to control emotional outbursts when you suffer from anxiety.