Alternative Treatments and Remedies for Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are common to teenagers; however; it is now becoming a disorder that is spreading amongst adults as well. The 2 most common eating disorders are anorexia; a disorder where the person starves for prolonged periods and bulimia; a disorder where the person binges on food and then induces vomiting in order to control weight. Both these can be life threatening and they cause severe damage to the internal organs in the body. Both these disorders are linked to emotional imbalances and have social stigma attached to them. The good news is that you can control these disorders. In order to prevent these disorders you need to make the teens and adults aware of the repercussions of following these diet plans.

The first method to treat the disorder requires counseling. In this case the person with the disorder speaks with a counselor and talk about the reasons why they feel the need to indulge in such life threatening behavior. They need to address their own fears about the reasons why they can’t accept themselves for who they are. With guidance they will be able to accept themselves in the bodies that they are in and realize that they are beautiful human beings.

Yoga is also an effective therapy in the treatment of eating disorders. In conjunction with yoga you must also try acupuncture. These therapies help to relax the tension in the body and the muscles and help the person to focus on their goals. It also helps to overcome any obstacles during the recovery period.

Homeopathy and Ayurveda are known to be extremely effective in the treatment of both the eating disorders. When certain herbs are mixed with each other to create a blend; they can have a very strong effect on the senses and help to stimulate the body’s natural senses to demand for food.

In most cases the disorders erupt out of high levels of stress. If this is diagnosed as the reason for the disorder then you must opt for massage therapy to relax the senses and create a sense of self worth.

The most important thing to remember is that when a person is on the path to recovery they must receive positive reinforcement. Meditation is a good way to ensure that the person is always positive. You must also keep all negative people and circumstances away from the patient until he has fully recovered.