3 Herbal Remedies for Angina

3 Herbal Remedies for Angina

Angina is the chest discomfort which might be a painful experience for some and might also result in heart attacks. This chest discomfort might be result of excessive exercise or tension that results in the increase of excess need for oxygen by the heart. Diet and stress are the two chief factors that are directly related to the denegation of the health of blood vessels. This causes the blockage of the arteries and leads to a feeling of suffocating pain. There are a number of herbs that contribute to the dilation of the coronary arteries and allow high concentrate of blood to enter into the arteries and prevent damage to the heart muscles that are caused by low level of oxygen. Some of the herbs that help in treating angina are as follows:

3 Herbal cures for Angina treatment:


Hawthorn For Angina

Hawthorn is a bushy tree that is commonly found in Europe, North America, Western Asia and North Africa. The extracts of the berries, leaves and flowers are extensively used in Europe as well as Asia for their reimbursement to the health of the heart. It is used for treating congenital heart failure, slow heart rate and is also used as a heart tonic in treating Angina. The individuals who intake hawthorn berry preparations have increased blood flow to the heart which in turn helps them to exercise for a longer period of time without having suffered from chest pain.

Celandine and chamomile

One has to mix a tablespoon of each of the herbs of chamomile and celandine and put the mixture of the two herbs in a vessel. The vessel should be made of glass or enameled. This mixture has to be infused in a glass of boiling water and placed in the hot water for a period of 15 minutes. After that the decoction has to be brewed for 45 minutes in a warm place and should be decanted. This decanted tincture has to be gargled for several times daily.

Celandine And Chamomile For Angina


Calendula is a beneficial and useful herb for treating Angina. In order to prepare a decoction that can be used for gargling, a tablespoon of calendula blossom has to be infused into a glass of boiling water, then this tincture is allowed to brew for sometime and the gargle is prepared for combating Angina.

Calendula For Angina

Herbal Remedies for Angina