Ankle, Foot And Toe Injury

Ankle and toes plays a very important role in movement of the body. We make use of ankles and toes while walking, playing, going upstairs, running, jumping and even sitting. These important functions of these small bones of the body make it essential to take care of it.

The ankle bone and the end of two lower leg bones join to form an ankle joint. The ligaments which connect bones to one another provide support to this joint. The muscles and tendons of the foot and ankle help in moving it. Due to the position and location of ankle and toes they are one of the most prone body parts to injuries. Ankle and injuries can occur in any person, but it has been found to occur more in children than adults.

Every person suffers from the ankle and toe injuries during their life time. These injuries can happen while playing any sport or doing some work related task either at home or office. People who are athletes, such as dancers, gymnasts, or soccer or basketball players, have an increased risk of toe, foot, or ankle injuries. The most common type of ankle and foot injuries is ankle sprain, achilles tendon injury and overuse injury.

Ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries in sports. The inner ankle is more firm than the outer ankle so the foot can turn inwards due to jumping or falling. Achilles is the strongest and largest tendon that connects muscle in the lower bone with the heel bone. Sports like basketball, running and high jumping overstresses achilles leading to its strain. Performing activities like running for long durations put stress on ankle, foot and toe. This is one of the most important reasons for overuse injury.

Other activities like wearing ill-fitted shoes while exercising, walking or working are also one of the causes for foot injuries. Many sport people do not pay proper attention to their training schedule. This leads to training errors and increase the chances of sprains and strains. The best way to protect these injuries is to prevent them. Doing warm up exercises like stretching before any sport activity provides chances to body to prepare itself. Try to understand the limits of your body and never overuse it. Wear specially designed shoes for exercises and sports.

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