Anti Cancer Diet

Foods can play an effective role in the prevention and treating of cancer. With the alarming increase of the illness in the recent years, steps need to be taken in order to prevent the onset and growth of cancer from the very beginning and food is considered as the best way to prevent the starting of the ailment.

In fact our day to day diet can decide whether we are on high or low risk for the development for cancer and thereby provide us with the chance to make our lives much happier and contended in the long run. It is not at all hard to follow the anti cancer diet regime. All that we need to do is not to intake such food that can cause the disease and make our lives a nightmare.

Fat: The greatest way to keep ourselves liberated from the most feared ailment is by the reduced intake of fat in our diet rule. With the increased consumption of fat, there are high chances for the growth of the low density lipoproteins and thereby tumors. Fat should not be fully eliminated as it is vital for our body and also helps to prevent cancer but one must make sure that fat intake should not be more than 20 percent of the total calorie intake.

Fibers: High intake of fibers helps to keep our body fit and healthy. It prevents the formation of digestive tract cancers as well as cancer in any part of the body. On the contrary, with the intake of fiber there are high chances for healthy bacteria to multiply in our body. One must consume 25 grams of fiber daily for the anti-cancer diet regime.

Green tea: Most of us are aware of the fact that green tea is extremely beneficial for the prevention of cancer. As a part of anti cancer diet, one must consume at least two cups of green tea daily. This green has a much less caffeine than black tea or coffee and hence has the ability to stop the tumors from the growing. Fresh fruits and vegetables also form a part of the anti cancer diet.

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