Anxiety And Panic Attacks Treatment At Home

Anxiety and panic attacks are usually categorized under psychiatric dysfunctions. Both anxiety and panic attacks are detrimental for mind and body and hence there is utmost necessity to end these attacks on an urgent basis. There are a number of symptoms of both anxiety and panic attacks.

Some of them are accelerated heartbeat, sense of shortness of breath, feeling of tightness in the throat, sweating, pins and needles, chest pain or chest discomfort, sensation of losing control, trembling, numbness or tingling sensation, diarrhea, hot flushes etc.

In some cases,it has been noticed that panic attacks can come without any prior symptom and can strike someone even while sleeping. These are called spontaneous anxiety and panic attacks. However, there are a lot of ways to hold these attacks and they can easily be handled even at home.

Relaxation tapes: Since both anxiety and panic attacks are considered as a battle in the mind, listening to relaxation tapes are considered as a helpful way of calming the mind and also in curing anxiety. Listening to such tapes can divert the mind from the scary thoughts and thoughts causing anxiety and take the mind to a much calmer place. It is always helpful to listen to these tapes as long as possible as anxiety or panic attacks can come without any warning.

Aromatherapy: In this therapy, essential oils that are made of flowers and fruits of different herbs are used to massage the body. The essence of these oils not only helps to improve the mental as well as the emotional health but is also equally useful for the physical health of a person suffering from such ailment.

Aroma and herbal teas:
Aroma treatment can be extremely effective in calming the minds of the individuals suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. The essence of baby powder, lavender, sweet marjoram and lemon balm helps in the calming of the mind.

Consumption of green tea which is rich in L-Theanine is not only known to be an anti-anxiety remedy but other herbal teas like chamomile, catnip and fennel also have equally soothing effects and helps in the promotion of sleep.