Anxiety: Tackle it Naturally without Medication

No one is new to anxiety. Every person from the kid to the old man feels it often and that is nothing unnatural. But if it takes a chronic shape, gets difficult to control and manifests irrespective of triggers then it is a critical situation. At the first look any disorder related to anxiety is hard to detect as the signs are taken as normal human response to certain stimuli.A person affected by anxiety disorder symptom will be in a constant state of apprehension, be irritable and restless. Physically he or she will not be able to concentrate and feel fatigued easily. The person will get headaches, chest pain, and nausea; feel breathless and suffer from indigestion and insomnia. The cause can be attributed to various physical, social and behavioral factors, but cannot be pinpointed. The people suffering from such conditions may find various natural modes of treatment useful rather than going for drugs.

For treatment, aromatherapy has been found to be a good mode of relief. Lavender oil has been found to be the most effective in relieving the situation.

But sandalwood and jasmine are also very effective. One can easily get these and try out the cure at one’s home. Bathing has been found to be another very effective method of getting rid of such uncalled for anxiety. You can try out either a cold shower or soaking in warm water, whichever you find more invigorating. Using bath oils of lavender, jasmine or sandalwood fragrance can enhance the relieving effect.

Exercise and meditation are also very important. The more you concentrate on physical exercises, the more you will get away from getting anxious. Moreover, such workouts release certain hormones that give you a calming effect. If you can add some yoga techniques and do a little bit of meditation then you might even get over anxiety disorder for good. Use the meditation method whenever you feel like getting anxious, it will work instantly.

Finally, diet plays an important part too. Drink plenty of water. You can also sip some tea. Both of these are great relievers of anxiety. Sometimes vitamin B deficiency can be the cause of such bouts of anxiety. In that case you might have to add more of vitamin B containing food in your diet. And, most importantly cut down on alcohol, caffeine and smoking and gradually stop them completely.