Appetite Loss: Causes and Remedies

The eagerness of eating at intervals is defined as appetite. It is controlled by two centers in the brain. One is the hypothalamus which stimulates the release the hunger producing hormones until hunger is satisfied with the right amount of food. The other is the cerebral cortex, the center of intellectual and sensory function. Thus a healthy appetite reflects both an unconscious response and learned behavior. This is normal.

Loss of appetite is the result of various disorders and circumstances. In most of the cases the causes are temporary – cold, stomach upset, dental problems, tension, stress, flue etc. But if the condition persists, it reflects some more serious ailments such as anemia, kidney disorder, malfunction of liver, AIDS, cancer and many more.

In unusual cases the root cause of appetite loss is the nutritional deficiency.  Deficiency of vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, biotin, and zinc leads to loss of appetite. Other causes are excessive drinking of caffeine, alcohol and smoking. These things cause appetite loss and it leads to nutritional deficiency in body. Loss of appetite due to illness can be corrected with the recovery. To correct this abnormal state of body you can take some simple and easy measures.

Eat small snacks throughout the day rather than eating three large meals. Keep snacks available whenever you feel the urge. Before a meal suck something sour like a lemon drop. This increases saliva flow which in turn stimulates appetite.

You can also drink a table spoon of ginger juice along with salt and lemon juice to increase the appetite. Do not eat too much water before taking food. It can lower your appetite. Bran and other high-fiber foods take much time to digest. That is why when you eat this type of food it creates a feeling of filling. So eat them less. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are easily digestible and a good source of vitamin C. Lean meat, sea food, nuts, seeds, whole grains are excellent supply of Zinc and B vitamins.

Create a pleasing eating atmosphere. Decorate your dining table with flowers, fruit basket, beautiful napkins, mat, table cloth, spoon, fork and dinner set. Spray appetizing odors like the smell of cinnamon or lemon. Take a walk before meal. Activity increases the appetite. And good appetite is the sign of good health.