Are bugs bugging you?

One of your office colleagues may be bugging you everyday with her constant gibberish but when it comes to real bugs, they can be pretty irritating and dangerous. Contrary to what we usually believe, bed bugs are not tiny creatures that swim or float in dirt and dust. Instead, they thrive where humans live, sit, sleep and spend most of their time. And yes, your soft sofas, your even softer beds, your luggage, linen and clothing are bound to be residing places for these ‘dracula-like’ creatures as they feed exclusively on blood. Since they are tiny and usually not very visible to the naked eye, it becomes all the more difficult to trace and destroy them.

Bed bugs are usually active during the night and at early dawn when the sunlight does not attack them. How do you know bugs are there in your immediate surrounding? If you find reddish or dark brown spots on your linen, you can be assured that bugs are around. Sometimes, an odor of spice in your room could also indicate a presence of bugs. Bugs are not easily detectable because of their small size. They also survive for long because they can stay without food (read, blood) for months at a time. They are dangerous because they can cause severe itching, skin infections, scars and stress.

Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy but not impossible either. The most natural way ways of getting rid of bugs is hanging linen in the sun. Most bugs die in the sunlight. Using garlic is also effective. Its unpleasant smell wards off all kinds of bugs. Mint is another natural way to repel bugs. Diatomaceous earth also acts as an effective repellant for bugs. The house, linen and other places where bugs usually manifest themselves can be sprayed with tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender. This wards off bugs effectively. Black walnut acts as an effective insecticide against bed bugs too. For people bitten by bed bugs, arrowroot powder and grated potato helps in the itching. Some people also use oatmeal and leaves of oak, hazel and willow to soothe bug bites.

A natural cure for bed bugs and bug bites is always easier to handle if it is used in the form of a spray or sprinkled on the area infested by bugs. So, don’t let that bug bug you!