Are Curry Leaves Good For Digestion

Yes, curry leaves are very good for digestion. So it is good to include it in our daily diet and use them in Indian curries, vegetables, salads, chutneys, salads and spices. It is good herbal tonic and a digestive enzymatic tonic.

Curry leaves improves the working of the stomach and small intestines and improves the quality and secretion of digestive juices. It’s aromatic smell, taste and visual impression helps the secretion of saliva, which aids good digestion. It has a mild laxative effect which aids problems created by eating certain food items.

Curry leaves can be juiced or cut into small pieces and added in buttermilk with salt and then consumed after a heavy meal. It forms an excellent drink and can be taken cooled with ice in summer. Just have curry leaves put in butter milk with cummin seeds and salt and have it if your stomach is upset or you suffer from loss of appetite. This is to illustrate it’s power to help in digestion.

Curry leaves is a herbal tonic and a digestive enzyme. It helps to get over the bitter taste in the mouth after an attack of flu or any other fever.

Make a paste of curry leaves with lime juice and honey/sugar/sugar candy and it is sure remedy for treatment of hyperemesis graviderum.This is a severe nausea, vommitting and dehydration state which some pregnant women face which may lead to electrolyte imbalance and other nutition deficiences in the foetus and mother.

Curry leaves play a significant role in treatment of other digestion problems like diarrhea, dysentery and idiopathic loose motions.You could also use a paste made of it’s fresh or dried leaves with those of coriander and mint and use it with good relief.

However, some may not like to eat this leaf and may just take it and throw it out. It is best in such cases to grind it and add it to dishes. Some follow the system of drying these leaves and powdering them for use. I am sure you all would make it a habit to add it in all your dishes to add flavor and also promote the digestion of your family members.

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