Are You a Diabetic? Take Care of Your Diabetic Foot

Diabetes is found to be a more common among Indians and diabetic foot is found among almost half the diabetics. So every diabetic should take care of one’s foot so as to protect it from infection.

Diabetic foot could show up in four different ways. In the first type there could be normal circulation with normal sensation in the foot, while the second type involves reduced sensation with normal circulation. The third type involves normal sensation with reduced circulation and the fourth involves reduced sensation with normal circulation. The second and third types of diabetic foot are most risky and could also lead to gangrene and loss of a limb.

So it is better to take care of one’s foot rather than suffer the loss of a limb. To take care of one’s foot one should clean one’s feet including the soles, web spaces and nail beds well with a mild soap and lukewarm water. Then one should take care to dry the feet well using a dry towel or cotton. Make sure that the feet are absolutely dry.

Then avoid dry and cracked skin by applying a moisturizing cream on the feet to protect the skin. However putting these creams on the web spaces as this may lead to fungal infections. Be careful and trim the nails properly. Be careful to avoid cuts as wounds take long to heal for diabetics and they are also prone to infections and gangrene.

Once one’s nails are trimmed a person who is diabetic should make sure he wears shoes that have a broad front and some space behind the foot too to feel comfortable. It is best to use socks that are padded and dry. During rainy season when the socks get easily wet make it a rule to use another pair of socks. Moisture promotes fungal infections. It is also best to make sure there are no foreign bodies in the shoes. Make sure to avoid shoe bites when using new shoes.

Diabetics should make sure not to place anything hot on the foot. They should also make sure that they do not walk barefooted in beaches and other common places like temples. They should wear at least a pair of socks. In addition they should make sure they do not soak their feet in water for more than four to five minutes to avoid diabetic foot.

To conclude, one should surely take care of one’s diabetic foot to prevent infection and the setting in of gangrene that could lead to loss of a limb.