Are your hands revealing your age

Most women today are health and beauty conscious. They are resorting to many methods to look younger and youthful but many women miss the most important factor – their hands. Hands have a curious way of revealing your age even if you have managed to keep wrinkles and creases at bay. It is because we use our hands most of the time, while eating, washing, working (at home or in the office) and even while gesticulating while talking, people are bound to notice our hands more than anything else. Unfortunately, we ignore them. But it’s never too late to begin.

Hands unlike some other parts of your body do not possess oil glands. This offers them little protection causing them to dry faster than usual. You are thus, left with dull and lifeless hands. Also, your estrogen levels begin decreasing, as you grow older. This leaves you with extremely dry hands. What you need to do is substitute your soap with a liquid hand wash for your hands. These are gentler on the skin especially if it has less of alkaline in it. Mild soaps with low pHs like that in Dove Soap are acceptable too. Try to make some time for your valuable hands by massaging them with a moisturizing cream the first thing in the morning. Even if you have to begin work after say about 15 minutes go ahead and do it. Don’t worry about your wasting your cream. I guarantee you even those few minutes of cream application on your hands will do them many good in the end. Exfoliating your hands and then applying some cream also helps.

You need to wash in the kitchen even if there is a maid working for you. It could just be a mug or a plate but the contact with the high alkaline soap could ruin your skin on your hands after constant use so, after each wash make an effort to massage them with almond oil. Keep cold cream handy within sight so that you don’t forget to use it after every wash. Whenever you go out in the sun don’t just stop with sunscreen on your face. Your hands need it too. Just as you use a night cream for your face to revitalize it, use a cream (preferably retinol) for your hands before you wind off for the day.

Take care of your hands and watch them glow in happiness and health!