Aromatherapy for dry skin treatment

Dry skin, commonly known as xerosis is a common and uncomfortable problem in which the skin looks rough, cracked and dull and can eventually lead to the wrinkling of the skin. Most dry skin conditions are a result of environmental issues that can be controlled fully or partially. In dry skin conditions the skin shows a more mature look for which anti-aging essential oils like lavender, rosemary, neroli, rose, geranium, sandalwood are anti-inflammatory and are extremely helpful in combating the problem.

Aromatherapy is the beneficial use of plant-derived fragrant essential oils to encourage substantial and psychological well-being. Some effective aromatherapy essentials for dry skin treatment are:

Lavender: Lavender works great for wrinkles and dry skin. Lavender essential oil helps in softening and toning and also helps in promoting a healthy glow to the skin. The use of this essential oil helps in calming, refreshing and relaxing the body as well as reducing the scaly and dry skin of the face and body.

In aromatherapy, the use of lavender essential oil is for treating various skin ailments as well as used as healing bath for joint and muscle pains. Massage with this oil helps in removing the dry, scaly skin abrasion from the entire body.

Rose: Rose is a secure and natural creation that can help in soothing the skin of the entire body. Rose water for dry and sensitive skin is the ideal base for fresheners.

In aromatherapy, the rose essential oil is used as skin rejuvenator and a powerful antiseptic, which is used in healing various skin conditions like cuts, burns and for protection against the dry and inflammatory skin environment.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the rose essential rose are particularly helpful for dry skin healing.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood essential oil which is extracted from the sandalwood trees has a wonderful aroma and helps in hydrating the dry skin.

This oil is an excellent cleaning astringent that are suitable for all skin types. It is particularly helpful for chapped, dry, sensitive or tender skin. The use of sandalwood essential oil in aromatherapy helps in promoting, relaxing, cooling, soothing and sensual pleasure in the mind and body and hydrates the skin, which in turn prevents it from being dry and chapped.

Besides these, in aromatherapy, the geranium essential oil, neroli essential oil, rosemary essential oils are also very helpful in dry skin conditions.