Aromatherapy For Reducing Obesity

Obesity is a condition of body in which unnecessary fat gets stored in the body. Due to this people become more prone to many health problems like diabetes and heart problems. Excess body fat decreases the life expectancy. Obese people not only suffer physically but also emotionally and psychologically. They feel left out from their family and friends. They have low confidence level and often suffer from depression.

There are many causes of obesity. The causes can be lack of physical activity or genetic factors. People suffering from obesity go on crash diets and starve themselves to become slim. They don’t understand that body fat cannot be reduced in few months. It requires proper planning and healthy lifestyle. Sometimes people who begin exercising and taking balanced diet begin to loose interest once they don’t see much difference in their body frame. This is the phase where one needs motivation to maintain a positive attitude.

Aromatherapy can be solution for such people. Aromatherapy relaxes body and provides motivation to continue a proper routine till the goal to shed extra fat is achieved. Taking massage with right essential oil twice a week can do wonders. Essential oils used in aromatherapy cleanse circulatory, digestive and excretory system from harmful substances. This cleaning process done by essential oils stimulate the adipose tissue which stores the fat. This increases our basic metabolic rate and helps in melting the accumulated fat in the body.

Many essential oils have fat melting properties by generating heat in the body. These essential oils are juniper oil, orange oil, cinnamon oil, fenugreek oil, lemon oil and grapefruit oil. Juniper oil is active on digestive system and helps in fighting cellulite and obesity. This oil should be avoided by pregnant ladies and people with kidney problems. Orange oil cures constipation and increases digestion. It enhances the lymphatic system and is a good body toner.

Cinnamon oil also helps in detoxification of the body. Fennel oil helps in suppressing hunger pangs often seen in obese people. It also prevents the sagging of skin after weight loss by toning the body. Grapefruit oil act as a diuretic and removes excess water from the body. These essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy. Aromatherapy is a way to happiness. It helps people in shedding extra fat a happy way.