Aromatherapy for the modern man

Most people tend to think that aromatherapy is an indulgence exclusive for the female species. Contrary to that assumption, men can use aromatherapy too and today, more men are beginning to venture out of the old stereotypes and are benefiting from the use of aromatherapy in their lives.

Men too like women, fall sick and while women sniffing and sneezing can it handle well, men do seem to find it a problem. So, during a cold or a flu, mint and eucalyptus oils are effective in clearing that uncomfortable nasal block. Men can also treat skin burns with lavender oil while men suffering from cold sores can get some relief by trying out Bergamot combined with eucalyptus oil.

Most men would definitely not like to turn up smelling like a flower! For them, other fragrances are available. Black Pepper, Bay, Sandalwood, Cypress, Vanilla, Ginger, Vetiver, Oak moss and Patchouli are some of the flavors usually liked by men. Of course, some men also approve some florals especially if it is neroli, lavender and jasmine. Some other essential oils that can be used by men are Basil, Allspice, Clary Sage, Fennel, Myrite, Oregano, Nutmeg, Tobacco, Spruce and Citrus Oils. This way, men can take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and also smell good, feel cool and very masculine too!

Men can experiment a bit and mix spice oils to get their favorite aroma. I guarantee you it is an interesting thing to do. Of course, like anything in aromatherapy you need to be careful while using the oils. Always be careful to use the oils diluted. Always try it out on a small area of a skin to test for allergy. Finally, don’t overdo it and land up feeling nauseated. Many ready-made aromatherapy products are available for men. If you haven’t tried out aromatherapy and are hesitant then, you can start with room sprays and air fresheners. Once, you begin to enjoy the fragrance or aroma you can incorporate it in your after-shave or cologne. It leaves you with a feeling of well being and improves your skin.

Remember, aromatherapy is not just a female domain. Its holistic, physical and emotional effects can be made use of by men too.