Asthma Treatment In Children With Home Remedies

Asthma is an ailment that is found among the individuals of all age group throughout the world. As this ailment is hereditary by nature, hence there are greater chances of the offspring catching the ailment at a very early age. It has also been found that individuals of any age group can get affected by this ailment without having any previous family history.

In the United States alone, about 27 percent of the 22 million individuals suffering from the ailment are children. The studies that have been conducted recently show that this number of the children who have been affected by the disease is growing at a rapid rate.

It is high time that people take this issue seriously and learn various remedies to cope with it. However, there is nothing to worry as there are a lot of home remedies that can help to deal with the ailment successfully:

Clean and tidy: The child’s bedroom should be kept as clean as possible. It should be dusted with a damp cloth and a vacuum at least once a week and the fluffy soft toys are required to be kept away from the children especially at night. The child should be restricted to one or two favorite toys and these should be washed on a regular basis so that they have no dust in them.

Honey: Honey is thought as one of the most effective remedies of asthma. It is known to bring relief in whichever way it is consumed or taken in. The air flowing over honey, if inhaled or if it is consumed either with milk or water, it can provide the asthma sufferer with a great sense of relief. It helps in the coughing out of the accumulated mucous thereby aiding in its discharge from the respiratory passages.

Mullen oil: Mullen oil is known to fight against respiratory congestion that is extremely common in case of asthma. Mullen oil is also extremely beneficial for the children when consumed as tea as it helps in the discharging of the accumulated mucous in the respiratory tract.

Air filters: Free standing electronic air filters aid in the removal of airborne asthma that triggers within home.