Asthma Treatment – Role Of Diet

Asthma is that condition of the body when the main air passages of the lungs and the bronchial tubes get inflamed and affects the air passages as well as the breathing of the concerned individual. Though a chronic ailment, this condition is treatable.
There are a number of conditions that are successful in dealing with the ailment. Positive changes in lifestyle, food habits, and proper digestion of food, positive atmosphere and surroundings, improved immunity along with simple performance of yoga can successfully assist in relaxation and breathing and thereby reduces the urgent need of physical dependence on medications.

Asthma is a long term ailment that can be mild as well as severe and can affect the small tubes that carry oxygen in and out of the lungs.

Diet plays a key role in the treatment of asthma patients. It helps to control and correct certain symptoms that can benefit the asthma patients. Proper diet regulations form the vital part in dealing with asthma.

Age of the individual suffering from the ailment should be considered before planning the diet. Otherwise, the in general guidelines that need to be followed are more or less the same for all asthmatic patients.

The food of the sufferer should be essentially simple and not spicy. Heavy meals should be avoided as it tends to put undue pressure on the system. Instead, light meals should be consumed more frequently and at regular intervals. Heavy meals at night are a strict no-no as it can cause discomfort thereby paving a way for an asthmatic attack.

There are several foods that can cause allergic reactions leading to the triggering of asthmatic symptoms. These foods should categorically be avoided.

Oily and fatty foods should totally be avoided and it tends to remain in the stomach for a long time, causing irregularities in digestion. Consumption of too much of sweets can also cause breathing trouble.

Sour food like pickles can cause coughing and hence always better if avoided. Vegetarian diet is more suitable for asthma sufferers than the non-vegetarian diet as the latter takes time to digest and can thereby cause pressure on the system. Consumption of enough water is a must for the individuals suffering from asthma.

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