Athlete’s Foot: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Tinea pedis is the fungus which is the cause behind this problem. You can get affected by this fungus from the places where there is good amount of water or even by crowded places like shower rooms, spa and swimming pools.

How to check whether you are affected or not?

You don’t have to check anything as the affected area would itself tell by creating itching and discomfort. Generally the skin becomes red from around and might create fluid pimples.

An athlete has to wear shoes for hours so the lower area of the foot might get cracks. You may even have to suffer irritation between the toes.

The best treatment would be to give a hot water massage to your feet. It need gentle care. Apply antibiotics. This would be helpful in treating your problem perfectively. If the cases are severe then undergo anti bacterial treatment for your feet.

Try using natural products for reducing your problems effectively as you need to be very much careful about the side effects.

It is advised that you should start taking a treatment as soon as the problem is disclosed as sometimes skin reactions are a sign of more sever diseases. Consult your doctor to start a treatment.