13 Home Remedies For Atrial Fibrillation


13 Remedies For Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation is a state of the heart, where the heart starts to ‘beat’ in a rapid and irregular way. Our heart beat on sets of electrical impulses. When the impulses starts becoming abnormal, i.e. when more than one impulse passes through the atria in one go, it results in irregular pulses and sometimes, a fluttering sensation in our heart. This abnormal heart beat rhythm is also called Arrhythmia.

As it concerns our heart, there’s no need in underlining the fact that, it can be fatal. The case of being attacked by Atrial Fibrillation increases with age; as one ages, he/she is more prone to arrhythmia. Studies suggest that the chances of an individual being affected by this condition is 1:200, when the age is less than 60; whereas this chance rapidly increases after this age-line and stands at 9:100, when the age is above 80.

Know that you have to go for a medical checkup, regarding arrhythmia when you have it coming and going. Call a doctor at home, or go to one if possible, when you – feel you can’t breathe and have to take very short breaths; experiencing pain in the chest; experiencing light-headedness or fainting; are feeling weak, and have a very rapid heartbeat.

First Let’s See A Few Ways We Can Prevent Atrial Fibrillation.

Stop Smoking For Atrial Fibrillation

•    One should be careful enough to maintain a steady and healthy weight.
•    Avoid, or even better, quit smoking.
•    Make a diet chart and eat only low-fat foods. Make sure the foods you take in, are also rich in nutrition.
•    Be part of an exercise routine of a length of at least 30 minutes. If you cannot allot much time in exercising your body, try walking the short distances you need to cover, and do spot-jogging.
•    The use of Caffeine and Alcohol should be totally avoided, if not stopped.

Some Home Remedies For Atrial Fibrillation Are Given Below.

•    Make Onion Juice, and swallow 2tbsp of this and honey every day (1 time) for two weeks.
•    Take two cloves of Garlic first thing in the morning.
•    Consume, in an empty stomach, one papaya, each day for a month.
•    Everyday, twice, eat twelve Holy Basil leaves.

Basil Leaves For Atrial Fibrillation

Some ways to help cure Atrial Fibrillation are as follows, but be sure to consult your doctor before starting any new supplements (natural or not).

Fish Oil

Fish oil, an essential fatty acid, helps in curing Atrial Fibrillation. Try and eat more cold-water fishes and roes (containing a big amount of Omega 3 Fatty acids.) A dosage of 2000-8000 mg per day is advised for an ailing patient.

Fish Oil For Atrial Fibrillation


Magnesium deficiency, in the first place can cause Atrial Fibrillation. Start off with a minor, small dosage of magnesium of about 100mg; then work your way up to 600 mg or 800 mg per day. It’s best to increase the dosage after every 6-7 days. It is better to use the Magnesium oil (applied around the heart region), as that is known to have no side effects.

Magnesium For Atrial Fibrillation


The second most nutrient that the individuals, suffering from Atrial Fibrillation, lack is Potassium. Potassium tries and prevents the Atrial Fibrillation by increasing/adjusting the time between two adjacent beats. It is recommended that the patient take a dosage of about 1500-2300 mg per day.

Potassium For Atrial Fibrillation


Taurine with Magnesium and Potassium are like the trio, in helping to cure the Atrial Fibrillation. And the part of Taurine is as important as the prior two. It controls the contraction of the heart and also prevents any other irritation in our heart, so that no problem crops up. A total of 3000 mg a day, divided along the meals, of Taurine must be taken for proper results.

Taurine For Atrial Fibrillation

Hawthorne Berries

The extract from the shrub of Hawthorne berries, has a long history of being used. Found in Europe and Asia, it prevents palpitations and PVC (Premature Ventricular Contractions). This herb is rich in Flavonoids, procyanidins. It helps in bringing into balance the levels of sodium and potassium in our body. But this herb is, strictly, not to be taken with other cardiac medications and definitely not without the consultation from a doctor.

Hawthorne Berries For Atrial Fibrillation

The Leaves Of Olive

Olive is a Mediterranean tree, which gives birth to Olive fruits. The leaves of this plant, is used by Herbalist to cure high blood pressure and reduced blood circulation. The Olive leaf aids in many Heart conditions; Atrial Fibrillation included. Have a detailed conversation with your doctor, and never combine this with any other B.P (blood pressure) medications.

Olive Leaves For Atrial Fibrillation

Angelica Sinensis

Angelica Sinensis (Chinese Angelica) is an herb, normally found in Asia and Europe. Chinese practitioners use the roots to promote blood circulation. What the herb does is make the contractions of the heart stronger, smoothen the rhythm and minimize blood pressure. This herb has one side effect though (not exactly side effect, but the condition may occur). It may make the skin photosensitive. Consult the doctor and then use, and do not use when Pregnant.

Angelica Sinensis For Atrial Fibrillation

Epsom Salt Bath

There’s a chance that you might be having loose stools as a side effect of this method, but that is not much serious. Fill your bath tub with water and put in it 2 cups of Epsom salt. Then soak yourself in the solution. A regular Epsom Salt bath too, helps in curing the condition.

Epsom Salt Bath For Atrial Fibrillation

Cinchona Pubescens

Red Cinchona, otherwise known as Cinchona Pubescens, have properties to treat a variety of diseases like, problems related to heart rhythm, malaria, decreased appetite, etc. This herb minimizes the activity inside the cell membranes, which normally aid in starting the arrhythmia. It should be kept in mind, not to use in bulk, and when pregnant.

Cinchona Pubescens For Atrial Fibrillation

Leonurus Cardiaca

Leonurus Cardiaca, or Motherwort, is of European origin. It acts as a cardio tonic and acts as a remedy for nervous heart conditions. Herbalists primarily use the herb as a cure for anxiety, high BP and overactive thyroid. Motherwort also has anti-arrhythmic/ inflammatory powers. The alkaloids present helps calm down the heart. It is absolutely not advised to use during pregnancy, as it contracts the Uterine.

Leonurus Cardiaca For Atrial Fibrillation


Exercising, meditation, tai chi, etc. has always served good in preventing, and sometimes curing, many diseases. For Atrial Fibrillation, it’s no different. While Tai chi and meditation help you keep your respiration and heart beat at an even pace, exercises help in keeping your body at par with your respiratory system.

Exercises For Atrial Fibrillation