Avoid Cola To Avoid Muscle Problems

Recent research has proved that drinking cola is not good for health and could cause problems ranging from muscle weakness to serious paralysis. It is better to avoid cola and go in for natural fruit juices and non-aerated drinks instead.

It was found that people who drank 2 to 9 liters of cola a day experienced severe fatigue, appetite loss and also persistent vomiting at times. This is mainly due to a condition known as hypokalemia where there is a drop in the level of potassium in the blood.

In such a condition it was found that if a person avoided cola and took potassium orally there was a rapid and full recovery. In severe cases that involved a heart blockage as revealed by an electrocardiogram there was a need for intravenous administration of potassium also.

Avoid cola as besides muscles problems it also leads to tooth problems, lessening of minerals in bones and the development of metabolic syndrome and also diabetes. The most found ingredients of glucose, fructose and caffeine contribute to the lessening of potassium in the blood.

Avoid cola because caffeine intoxication plays a vital role. This has been well proved by studies conducted that project that other products that contain high levels of caffeine but no glucose or fructose.

Avoid cola and opt to go in for natural fruit juices that contain a lot of vitamin and minerals. They would give you strength and also help to pep you up. Besides they would give you the essential fiber for good health and detoxification of your body.

Besides avoid cola and take food rich in potassium salts to make your muscles strong. It is also  good to avoid soda based drinks as they may initially provide energy but may make you lethargic  and appetite loss and also persistent vomiting at times.

Hence avoid cola and go in for those natural fruit juices that are good for you to avoid muscles problems.

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