3 Tips To Stop Baby Runny Nose

3 Tips To Stop Baby Runny Nose

Runny nose among the babies is an extremely widespread state that affects the bulk of the brood all over the world. The chief cause behind the runny nose among the babies is the undeveloped immune system of the toddlers and the babies. Runny nose is a major issue for the babies as they are not able to eat, sleep or breathe properly.

Moreover, the babies are too young to blow their nose or let everybody know about their feeling. This causes extreme frustration and helplessness among the new parents. Runny nose among the babies is mostly caused from common cold. However other causes like dirty hands, dusty toys, close interaction to other individuals who are suffering from cold, allergies, influenza, dust, pollen, dust mites, etc. can lead to the building up of extra mucous in the baby’s body so as to wash away the irritants.

This causes the development of runny nose and nasal congestion among the babies. Sneezing, eyes that are watery and red in color, coughing, poor appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, low or high fever, etc. are some of the symptoms of the runny nose among the babies. The runny nose of the infants can be treated and here are some of the ways:

Tips To Stop Baby Runny Nose

Saline drops

Saline Drops To Stop Baby Runny Nose

Place a few drops of saline nasal drops in the nostrils of the affected baby and wait for a minute or two so that the mucous thins out. Then this mucous has to be sucked out with the help of a nasal aspirator that has been planned for the infants. It helps the babies to get relief from nasal congestion and make them able to breathe properly.


The baby needs to be properly hydrated by giving the infant plenty of fluids. Breast feeding is the best way to provide him with proper fluids as well as helping the immune system of the body of the baby to adapt to various conditions. In case the baby intake some solids, putting her more on milk is the best way of combating runny nose.

Putting Milk To Stop Baby Runny Nose

Clean environment

The baby needs a clean environment that is free of allergens. It is good to make the baby wear mittens on her hand so that she does not get direct contact to the virus.

Clean Environment To Stop Baby Runny Nose

Tips To Stop Baby Runny Nose