Baby Skin Care Tips


Baby Skin Care

A new born baby’s skin care is as important as her/his nourishment. Baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. Too much care or too less of it, both can cause irritation, rash, eczema and dryness on baby’s skin. External contact with chemicals, dyes, detergent particles and fragrances in baby’s clothing and accessories can cause skin problems. You have to take extra care of baby’s skin in the first few months to protect her/him from skin allergies.

Tips For Baby Skin Care



Massage promotes physical bonding between mother and child. Babies enjoy massage as it has a soothing effect on their skin. Massage stimulates hormones, boosts immunity and it has a calming effect on the baby. Baby sleeps better after a soothing massage. Regular massage keeps baby’s skin soft and supple.

Give a gentle but firm massage to your baby half an hour before bath. Make an eye contact with the baby and keep talking or singing softly while giving her/him a massage. It helps to maintain communication between mother and baby. Use a good quality baby oil or olive oil for massage. Do not heat the oil, take a few drops of oil on your palm and warm it in your hands.

Use Skin Care Products Sparingly

Use Skin Care Products Sparingly

Baby skin care products are especially made to suit baby’s sensitive skin, but they can cause dryness, irritation and chafing if used liberally. Be frugal while using baby powder or skin care lotions in the first month.

It can cause eczema, rashes and allergic reactions as the baby’s immune system is still weak in early stages. Over use of skin care products in infancy can become the cause of skin allergies in the later stages.

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Wash Baby’s Clothes before Use

Wash Bay Colors

Avoid using brand new clothes for baby as the yarn can cause rashes and eczema. Always wash new clothes before use to soften the fabric and to remove fresh smell of dyes from clothes which may cause the baby breathing problems. Rinse the clothes thoroughly to remove every detergent particle.

Wash Baby’s Clothes Separately

Wash Bay Cloths Sepratly

Wash baby’s soiled and wet clothes separately from family laundry. Sterilize them by rinsing them in an antiseptic solution to disinfect them once a week.

Use gentle detergent, preferably in liquid form to prevent it from sticking in the fabric.

Avoid Bathing the Baby too Frequently

Bath baby

It is recommended that babies should not be bathed frequently. Too much exposure to water can dry the natural moisture of the skin and cause irritation and skin peeling. During the first month bathing the baby two times a week is sufficient. Give the baby a sponge bath in between and wash her/his diaper area with a gentle cleanser daily.

Taking Care of Diaper Rash

Diper Rash

Diaper rash is a common occurrence in a new born. It happens due to allergic reaction of a soiled diaper or if the skin is not properly dried before using a fresh diaper. Diaper rash can be very painful for the baby. You can treat a diaper rash with various methods.

Check the diaper frequently and change it immediately if it is soiled. Do not rub the skin after cleaning instead pat dry the area. Apply a nappy rash cream or Vaseline after every diaper change to keep the skin lubricated and to prevent the rash from spreading.