Back Pain – Reasons and Treatments

Back pain is a problem which is tormenting everybody in his or her life. It is a very common medical problem and 8 out of 10 people are affected by it. It hampers our well being and even dis balances the daily chores of our life.

Back pains are the most prominent reasons for people missing out their jobs, it is taking a heavy toll in the people of age group 20 to 50 and it is one of the most common occupational injuries. It is also draining huge amount of money.

A back pain may vary in intensity from a persistent and consistent dull pain to a sudden and acute pain. Those pains which are lasting for more than 3 months are classified as chronic pains.

Back pains may arise due to many reasons and sometimes these problems may be attributed to one or more reasons. The major once are carrying poor postures which puts extra weight on spine and causes pain, atrophy of muscles due to lack of exercise, damage to the spine due to sprains or strains, loss of calcium from the bones resulting in weakened bones an ailment common in females, slipped inter vertebral disks, emotional stress resulting in stiffening of muscles due to lack of proper blood flow, arthritis problems or some pains originating else where in the body.

Maintaining a proper posture like sitting straight can many a times be very effective in reducing back pains. In offices we can use chairs with straight backs. Fatty and obese persons must take healthy diet which helps to reduce extra weight as extra weight adds to stress on spine. Exercising and stretching can be huge respite as they help our muscles to attain flexibility. However in gym one must avoid using equipments in incorrect way. Backs supports must be used for lifting and bending. Hot and cold therapy by applying heat for some time followed by ice packs is useful as heat relaxes muscle and cold numbs pain. Rest can also help you to get away from fatigue. If back pain is consistent then consulting physician is recommended. Other practices such as yoga, acupuncture and chiropractic treatment is recommended at times.