Back pain treatment with yoga

Back pain is the pain felt at the back. It is generated from the muscles, joints, bones, nerves and other spinal structures. Back pain is a very common problem of today. Yoga is a powerful and effective tool for curing back pain. It works for the holistic principles of harmony and unification.With time, yoga helps in increasing the strength and flexibility by effectively counteracting the tightness and weak muscles that can be the cause of back pain. Hence many back pain sufferers find yoga to be a very effective way in reducing their pains. Many people have a wrong concept that rest is the best for a painful back. However, actually regular exercise is the only relief to back pain by stretching and strengthening the back muscles, which also help to prevent future injuries. Studies indicate that back pain can be healed faster by getting back to regular exercises with just a day or two of rest.

Yoga is the most effective exercise in relieving the back pain. However, not all yoga poses relief back pain and some can even aggravate the existing pain. Hence, a yoga instructor should be consulted and the yoga poses should be done under the advice and supervision of the instructor who can help with the form and posture during poses. There is a series of yoga that is designed to support back health and relieve back pain. Here are some examples of back pain treatment with yoga.

Corpse: This pose is done for lower back pain relief. One has to lie flat on the back in a calm position with the arms resting by the sides, palms down and legs lying obviously and with knees turned out naturally. If this pose hurts the back, then one can do this pose with the knees turned outwards and bent and feet flat on the floor. Breathe in and breathe out while letting any tension to leave the body.

Cat-stretch: Start out on your hands and feet with a flat back. The hands should be directly below the shoulders with the fingers extended and knees directly underneath the hips. The head should be held freely so that one is staring at the floor amid the hands. Inhale and while exhaling the back should be vaulted towards the ceiling and the chin should be placed in the chest so that one is looking at the navel and the tailbone should be pushed underneath, Hold and then let go the back to the original pose.

These are two of the many yoga postures for curing back pain. Other yoga postures are wind-releasing pose, sage twist, cat stretch, palm twist, fish pose and so on.