Bad Breath Remedies- Natural And Herbal Ways

Natural Cures To Bad Breath

Bad breath is an embarrassing problem for most individuals but the fact is that most of the individuals suffering from it are quite unaware of the problem. Usually bad breath is caused when the food particles get trapped in between the teeth.These food particles can also cause serious dental problems in the later years to the sufferers if they are not properly washed off.

Dry mouth, dental problems, oral problems, sinus infection, poor dental hygiene, mouth infection, respiratory tract infection, chewing of tobacco or garlic or onion, smoking etc are some of the main causes of bad breath. But there is nothing to be afraid of as there are a lot of natural and herbal ways of treating the ailment:



Brush the teeth at least twice daily. Regular brushing of the teeth helps to take out the food particles that are stuck up inside the mouth and cause bad breath. Again proper brushing helps to fight various dental problems that can also cause bad breath. Hence brushing is one of the best ways to fight dental problems.


Salt Water:

If the bad breath has been caused from throat infection, then salt water is the best remedy. Take some amount of warm water. Now add a pinch of salt to it and gargle with the help of the water. It helps to cure the throat infection as well as the bad breath that has been caused from it.



This herb is extremely useful for fighting bad odors. Chew parsley leaves after the consumption of the meal. The chlorophyll present in the leaves helps to fight off bad breath.


Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds help to sweeten the breath. Take a tea spoon of fennel seeds and chew them slowly after the meal. Not only do they help in freshening up the breath but aid in digestion as well.

Fennel Seeds


Cloves are also useful for the fighting off bad breath. Take some cloves and chew them after meal. They help in dealing with it effectively.



Mint is commonly found in tooth pastes. Take some mint leaves and chew them. It helps to fight off the odors that particularly arise with the chewing of garlic and onion.