Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath also known as halitosis is a humiliating and awkward problem of any individual who is having it. It can be caused from a number of situations like dry mouth, foods that have been eaten, tobacco and even medical disorder.

Bad breath is also caused from dental caries, poor oral hygiene, gum retraction, gingivitis, tartar deposits dental plague, ulcerative lesions in the mouth, tonsillitis, salivary gland ailments, dentures, diabetes mellitus, dehydration and fasting, diseases of the lungs, intestinal diseases, liver disorders etc. There are a lot of people who are totally unaware of the fact that they are suffering from the ailment. But one should not feel depressed as the bad breath has its own cure. It can be treated with the help of simple yet useful remedies:

Water: Water is a useful remedy to bad breath. Consume a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water each day. If the bad breath is caused from dehydration, intake of water helps to easily tackle the situation. At the same time the halitosis sufferers are also advised to reduce the intake of tea, coffee and soda. When there is large consumption of water, the body starts to work properly and the cause of bad breath is thereby resolved.

Guava: Unripe guava is known as an excellent remedy for bad breath. This fruit is a rich source of oxalic, tannic, phosphoric acids, malic, manganese, oxalate, calcium etc. Hence, chewing of guava acts as a useful tonic for both the gums as well as the teeth. The fruit can successfully stop the bleeding of the gums and also help in the stopping of bad breath.

Yoghurt: Yoghurt is admired all over the globe for the rich amount of good bacteria in it. It is thought as an effective remedy for halitosis as with the intake of yoghurt, one is able to get rid of the bad bacteria that are the main cause of bad breath. Sugar free yoghurt needs to be consumed at least twice a day for a period of six weeks.

Peppermint: Chew peppermint. It helps in superior smell of the breath.