Bald Head – Treat With Home Remedies

Baldness means the condition of missing hair where it often breeds, particularly the head. The widespread form of baldness is the gradual hair-thinning state called androgenic alopecia that takes place in adult male human and other species.

bald head

Everybody wishes long, radiant and strong hair. A person feels worried when his or her gorgeous locks start vanishing or thinning. There are many home remedies, which effectively deals with the problem. Some common home remedies for baldness are:

Beneficial Remedies For Bald Head

Well Balanced Diet

Dietary imbalances or nutritional deficiencies are one of the major causes of baldness among men and women. A healthy diet including vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in the correct amount can reduce the speed of hair loss. Fresh fruits, green vegetables, nutrient rich diet including seeds, grains, and nuts are vital for reducing hair falling and key to healthy mane.


Shampoos And Conditioners

There is no alternative to home-made shampoos and conditioners as the shampoos and conditioners available in the market are chemical based that often cause damage to the hair resulting in loss of hair and baldness problems and tendencies.


Home-Made Shampoo

Around 150 grams of dried gooseberry reeta and shikakai are to be soaked in water for a few hours. Then the mixture is to be boiled and cooled down and the strain can be used for shampooing the hair. This reduces the tendency for hair fall and balding.


Home Made Conditioner

One has to mix an egg with a teaspoon of vinegar and glycerine along with two tablespoons of castor oil. Then after beating the mixture, it has to be applied on to the scalp and kept for 20 minutes. After that, the hair has to be washed with water. Since all the ingredients used are natural, it is an effective solution to balding.



One has to put 4-5 leaves of henna in a cup of boiling mustard oil. After cooling the oil, it has to be applied to the bald patches.



A mixture of half teaspoon of lime seeds and a half teaspoon of black pepper seeds are to be applied to the bald patches. It is an effective remedy of the balding problem altogether.

Mix two tablespoon of gram flour in a cup of coconut milk and apply it on the head. Massage the mixture on the scalp and then rinse off the hair after ten minutes. This is an effective remedy for dry hair.Natural home remedies for oily and normal hair also works efficiently in treatment of balding problems.

coconut oil