Banish Your Stress Naturally

Modern life is stressful. Today’s fast life and excessive work pressure make people bound to remain continuously in stress and strain. This pressure and stressful life is bad for our health. Chemicals that we often take as medicine and use in our daily life also enhance stress. Apart from that few emotional factors such as hatred, jealousy, fear, envy create stress.

Whatever may be the reason, too much stress and continuously living in it make us seek. It disturbs many things – our normal sleep, digestive system, happiness in life, mental strength, relation with near and dear ones, and many more things. People who remains in stress for a long time, suffers from frustration, depression and other emotional stress. So stressful people have a natural tendency of smoking and drinking alcohol. But you can banish stress naturally and can remain fit. What you need is little bit willing power and discipline.

Exercise is a very effective way to banish stress naturally. Wake up in the morning. Do some freehand exercise. Exercise helps to secrete adrenalin hormone which enhances our working power. You may go for a brisk waking for 30-40 minutes in the morning with your partner. Walking with her is really an enjoyable thing. Meditation also good to calm down your nerve and banish stress. After calming back from the working place take a good bath and sit in meditation. Play a spiritual slow music in your music system and spray soothing room freshener in the room. Doing meditation in this ambience will help you to overcome stress and will give you back your normal life in few days.

A light diet is also very effective to overcome stress. If you eat too much junk food and carbonated drinks everyday it will create more stress because chemicals that are used in this type of food increase stress. Some herbs and vegetables are very effective to banish stress. Sage can remove stress very quickly. Boil sage in some water. Strain the water and make it cool. Mix some honey in the water and drink it. Chew basil leaves in the morning at empty stomach everyday and get benefited. Soak some coriander and cumin seed overnight. Strain the water and drink it. It cools down your nerve. Other natural products that help to overcome stress are whole grains, dairy products, almonds, soy beans, molasses, yogurt, etc.