Barriers that Hamper you From Losing Weight or Cause Weight Gain

For years I lived alone, and dinner time was dreadful. I hated eating at the table alone and hated cooking for just one person even more than sitting down on the dinner table alone. So I adopted a style where I would get home from work and eat some cookies and have a glass of milk.

If I felt hungry a little bit later I would eat a few chips followed by a glass or two of coke and then any leftovers that were stored in the refrigerator. I realized after a few weeks that this was a constant struggle for me and I was loading up on empty calories every night and that my habit was causing a lot of harm. I was eating all the wrong food and yet I was never satisfied and my body craved more. That was when I realized the evil of not cooking for just me. The key to eating a dinner that helps you to maintain your weight is to eat something light like a salad or a sandwich.

Another evil is you desire to eat whatever your family or friends are eating at the dinner table on a night out. Face facts that we live in an age where dining out is second nature to us. Added to the fact that the food is not always the most nutritious, it is mostly loaded with fats and carbohydrates. And to add insult to injury, our bodies crave the food that every one else is eating. You must remember to cut down on this habit. Every one has a different metabolism and watching what you eat when you are eating out definitely is a positive and helps you to control your weight.

Another crazy way that people put on weight is because food comforts them. Either getting fired for a job badly done, being stressed out, not being able to meet deadlines are some of the reasons people turn their attention to food. This helps your body in no way and you must avoid eating to comfort you. In a few weeks you will notice the pounds you have loaded on and will be upset all over again and this will lead to you being in one big vicious circle.

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