Basic Hygiene to Address Body Odor

In my opinion body odor is embarrassing. A person suffers from this condition when the sweat glands are over productive or if the sweat glands are blocked. If this is the case and you suffer from body odor then you need to address your personal hygiene as well as your diet; both these factors lead to bad odor emitting from the body. Suffering with unpleasant body odor can hamper ones social life and interacting with people is difficult as you are conscious about yourself. There are several things that you can do in order to control this condition.

Let’s start with your personal hygiene. Having a bath with warm water and a mild anti bacterial soap will help to wash away the dirt and the pollutants from your body; bathing is the simplest and easiest way to unclog blocked pores. Choose a soap that has a mild deodorant in it so that you are able to fight the odor. You must also drink plenty of water during the day in order to eliminate toxins from your body.

In order to control the odor you need to control the amount you perspire. You need to be extra cautious during the summer months. During this season you must wear cotton clothes that are loose. These allow your skin to breathe. Also ensure that you wash your clothes and under garments daily in order to eliminate any chance of emitting a foul odor.

Add vinegar to your bath water; this will help to eliminate the odor from the body and also ensures that the skin is clean. If you are sweating profusely then dip a cotton ball in vinegar and then clean your skin with it.

Use a good antiperspirant; however if you notice that it does not help then place a piece of alum under your arms after a bath. The natural cleansing property of alum will clean your skin and prevent the emission of the odor. This will reduce perspiration drastically.