Be ailment free the natural way

How to steer clear of ailments the natural way

We all are part of nature. Mother Nature has within her innumerable herbs, vegetables, fruits and spices that can cure ailments and even diseases. But, most of us want instant solutions however expensive and temporary they may be. Unfortunately, that is not always the wisest way out. Nature cure is the most ideal and side effects free cure for scores of ailments.

Cold and cough are common ailments and seldom require medicines from across the counter. All you got to do is make a concoction of ginger, pepper, basil leaves, honey and betel leaf.

Women with migraine attacks have only to apply aloe Vera on the forehead for relief.
Men, because of their Western working outfit in warm Indian weather tend to often suffer from itching in embarrassing places. Rubbing Vaseline, cornstarch or neem on the affected area, can lessen this discomfort.

Simply using boiled fennel seeds in water can cure colic in children.

Arthritis is a terribly painful disease. For relief, the juice of raw potato diluted in water should be taken on an empty stomach early morning. Aching joints can be massaged with warm coconut oil or mustard oil mixed with pieces of camphor to give relief.

Prostrate problems in men can be reduced by adding tomatoes, watermelon and soy foods to their diet.

Keep those irritating hiccups away with a warm slice of lemon sprinkled with sugar, pepper and salt on it.

Chewing on a clove or placing a cotton ball soaked in clove oil on the tooth can reduce toothache.

And, for those on the fringe of diabetes, the infamous ‘sugar disease’ what better solution than chewing a raw piece of karela or bitter gourd.

Nature has in her bounty innumerable cures. All we have to do is take her help and keep expensive, time and energy consuming medicines at bay. Remember the adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”