4 Home Remedies For Bloated Stomach

4 Home Remedies For Bloated Stomach

A hard bloated stomach is not only an unpleasant feeling it is not uncommon. The worst part is that the food that you eat and your daily activities will lead to the condition. When you suffer from this condition your abdomen swells up and you suffer from acute pain in the stomach. This condition is normally caused by fiber consumption in excess. In addition to this eating fruits and vegetables in large portions, beans and drinking aerated beverages can cause this condition.

The condition causes severe unpleasant symptoms and thus you need to look into the matter immediately. Some of the symptoms that you will experience when you suffer from a bloated stomach include flatulence, belching, gas and stomach cramps.

Drink Water To Reduce Indigestion

If you experience these symptoms then you need to give yourself a break from eating processed and cooked foods till you are completely free of the discomfort. A green diet that contains citrus fruits and melons along with juices that are low in fiber will help to calm your stomach.

Drink plenty of water when you experience any symptoms of flatulence or bloating. You also need to avoid chewing gum as the air that you ingest during the activity can promote the flatulence and the bloating further.

Peaches For Bloated Stomach

Foods that are high in fiber, hard candy, peaches, foods that are hard to chew, lettuce, apples, cabbage, beans, broccoli and sodas are common foods that cause this condition. In order to get respite you need to avoid eating these foods.

In order to cure the condition and prevent further attacks you also need to make sure that you eat your food slowly and chew it well. When you eat quickly you swallow huge air pockets and this leads to the bloating in your abdomen area.

Avoid Stress For Bloated Stomach

You also need to avoid eating foods that are rich in fats. Stress and anxiety worsen the condition and hence you must avoid huge amounts of stress. Try relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation in order to control your anxiety.

So when you are trying to control a bloated stomach remember to reduce the amount of fiber and follow a green diet until you are cured. Do not exert or exercise during this time as it may add to your discomfort and cause nausea.

Meditation For Bloated Stomach

Home Remedies For Bloated Stomach